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Schnall Advisory Services is a boutique, fee-only, investment advisory firm that provides concierge services to meet your all encompassing needs. Established in 1991, the firm is located in New York City, in the Empire State Building. We provide services for about 45 clients with a net worth in the $1 million to $10 million range, and have approximately $105 million in assets under management.

Our practice has come a long way since it's inception, growing under the leadership of the founder Darin Schnall CFP®, CPA, MBA into a boutique independent advisory firm, with a specialized focus on personalized attention and innovative investing. Using a novel approach, we develop a comprehensive understanding of clients' lives that brings together the "heart" of their life goals with the "head" of their strategy.  We then leverage expertise from independent research, a best-in-class reporting package and forward-thinking investment strategies, to protect and grow client wealth.

The well-being of our clients is what matters most to us, and to preserve that outlook we act as a fiduciary. We believe in the concept of "open architecture" investing: choosing the best investment vehicles and services based our clients' individual needs.

Our clients often turn to us to help them with transition issues and life-changing events. We also work closely with CPAs, attorneys, and other advisors to address a particular client's unique circumstances.

From 1992 to 2001, Schnall Advisory Services was the exclusive provider of financial counseling to the clients of Lee Hecht Harrison, the largest outplacement firm in the NY metropolitan area. 

Wealth Management

Wealth management has been identified in different places to mean different things: a type of business, specific client service approaches, investments and financial planning. The truth is that it incorporates all of these things and more. Generating and using wealth is an enormous part of life, so for us wealth management is a 360 degree view that helps you face difficult decisions - and make the most of life in general. It enables us to provide efficient access to the advice, solutions and services that are vital to helping our clients acquire, manage, preserve and transfer wealth over time and across generations.

Wealth management emphasizes the importance of the whole and interdependence of each part of our clients' wealth and well-being. As your wealth manager, we create a "client experience,” helping you to recognize what you want and need for yourself and your family.

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